Time is of the essence when it comes to dealing with water damage. The longer water sits in an area, the worse the damage is going to become. This is why we offer emergency services to our customers throughout NYC and Manhattan. Our teams can be dispatched to your home or business anytime of the day or night to start removing water and beginning the cleanup process. Compared to companies that require you wait until business hours, the emergency options with us can help get things started many hours sooner.

If your flooding happens on the weekends or on a holiday, that response time will be even faster compared to the competition. This not only helps to keep the level of damage to your property to a minimum, but will also help to reduce the overall inconvenience you experience related to the flooding. There are many reasons why using our emergency flood damage cleanup and restoration services is important, but the bottom line is because it will help get your life back on track after a flooding event.

Why Rapid Response is Important

People often don’t realize it, but leaving water in your basement or other areas of the house can be quite dangerous for many reasons. The following are just some of the hazards associated with this type of water damage, and why you should take advantage of our emergency response teams:

  • Expanding Impact Area – Water doesn’t tend to just sit still for very long. If there is water in your basement in one area, it could easily flow into another causing more damage. Water will flow through even small cracks or holes, resulting in more and more damage over time.
  • Electrical Risks – If the water ends up getting into any electrical equipment the damage could be very serious. Obviously the electronics it comes into contact with will be destroyed, but it could also cause a surge that impacts other items or causes electrocution.
  • Mold Issues – Water in an area it doesn’t belong can quickly result in mold forming in your home. This can be hard to detect, and even harder to get rid of. A rapid response to cleanup the water will minimize this risk. If we notice mold may be present, we can take steps to get rid of it and keep it from coming back.
  • Foundation Issues – While concrete foundations can stand up to water exposure, they can be damaged over time. If you let standing water rest on or around your foundation, it could cause serious issues.

Of course, there are many other potential problems that could happen if flooding isn’t cleaned up quickly and correctly. Our emergency response teams will come out and get to work sucking all the water out of your home or business right away so you don’t have to worry about this type of threat causing more problems than you’re already experiencing.

If you are experiencing any type of flooding or other water damage, don’t delay in calling for the help you need. We can be reached at (212) 389-1924. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about flood damage cleanup and restoration in NYC or Manhattan, and we can also get a team dispatched to your location right away.